Video, sans all the awkward

Video doesn't need to be complicated, it needs to be authentic and have connection. No more boring, awkward video. Our job is to tell a story with video that connects to your audience.

Video is essential for businesses today. Social media shares get you noticed, and can truly connect you with your viewers.

We can provide the concept, or work with your marketing team to execute their vision, while always sharing our expertise.

From interviews, events, introductions, recaps, and web based content or commercials. We can help you connect your audience to the heart of your business or organization.





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For more complex video projects, we will need to have a quick call or video chat to full understand your needs. At that time we can prepare a custom quote.

Email us with any details about the project, you can send creative at that time, or wait until we have a call scheduled.

We may provide you with a quote right away, or we may wait to have more details, depending on the project.

With all clients we will go above and beyond to fully understand your needs, and vision. All commissions come with a complimentary planning session.

During this time we can make sure you are comfortable and prepared!

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