We are having our first FAMJAM Pop Up event on May 28th. Yay!

We have launched these new FAMJAM Pop Ups after listening to our clients’ feedback. some of our clients wanted a lower cost option for their family photos and the opportunity to just pop in and grab a few shots.

If you prefer to extend your session, add a photographer, purchase more photos, or fine art prints, we have lots of options to create the perfect product for you!

As we mentioned you can adapt your session, or sitting fee, by adding time or adding a photographer. Here are some examples of families who may want to consider adding to your session.

Extend your session

Extending your session is a good option for families that love candid photos. This is especially a great fit for families of three who love candid photos. Having a longer session can also be a good fit for families who have not had professional photography before, or may have babies or kids who need a little more time to warm up.

Add a photographer

Adding a photographer is a must have for families with 3+ kids, and is nice to have for families with 2 kids who love candid photos, or want some photos with Mom and Dad alone. This can also be a great fit for two younger kids who may have a challenge sitting for more than a couple minutes, or young twins running in two directions.

Family Photography mini sessions

For our Spring / Mother’s day pop up check out this link for more details!